Straus, Cook hold “show trial” style committee meeting in Austin

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedKnowing they are out next Texas legislative session, Speaker Joe Straus and his henchman Representative Byron “Obama” Cook, cooked up a way to load the policy deck in favor of the homosexual political agenda for 2019’s session.

Straus created the “House Select Committee on Economic Competitiveness” and installed Cook as chairman and loaded the committee up with reliable toadies. Few, even in the press, bought the idea that the committee was really about Texas economic competitiveness and most all pointed out that it appears designed to fight for the homosexual political agenda by attempting to destroy any chance the so-called bathroom bill, more accurately the Privacy Act, has of passing in 2019.

We were all proven correct when Cook held the first meeting on Wednesday. The headline in the Austin American-Statesman: Bathroom bills put Texas at risk, business leaders tell Straus.

Reliable cultural-Leftist showman Mark Cuban, a Microsoft executive, and a host of other reliable cultural-Left-leaners made up the carefully curated list of witnesses. Not only were people of a different viewpoint not invited or allowed to give testimony but, in a break with House tradition, Chairman Cook prevented other House members, not put on the committee by Straus, from asking questions of witnesses.

My friend Tony McDonald summed the issue up well by saying “These conflicts are not petty political squabbles but a fight between good and evil.”

Both Straus and Cook will be absent in the next Legislature. Now it is up to GOP Primary voters to ensure their Leftist ideas go with them.

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