Radical “transplant” to Texas behind TSU speech debacle

Pratt on TexasJonathan Tilove of the Austin American-Statesman published a very long run-down of the event at Texas Southern University in which state Rep. Briscoe Cain was prevented from delivering his speech to the law school’s Federalist Society by radical Leftists including TSU’s president and state Senator Boris Miles.

The story features a long interview with Justin Tolston, the Leftist community organizer from Nebraska who takes credit for shutting down Rep. Cain’s speech.

Justin Tolston (from KHOU video)

The seemingly professional agitator community organizer Tolston justified his work to lead a shutdown of Cain’s speech by claiming that Cain is “alt-right,” “transphobic,” and all the other things you’d expect to be lobbed at a traditional conservative Republican.

One of the claims against Cain is rather funny and in broad sense would do nothing but help Cain with the Texas electorate. It reads this way:

“In his relentless assault on the transgender community, Briscoe Cain filed an amendment to prohibit funds to be used for inmate sex reassignment or gender identity transitioning.”

So all we learned from the painfully long Tilove column in the American-Statesman was that Tolston is every bit as political as Cain and is happy he prevented the speech, political or otherwise, of Rep. Cain (at a government institution no less) and sees it as a victory. He’s “happy” with it. But anything that would curtail or even disagree with his, Tolston’s, speech and beliefs is of course racist, bigoted, and certainly oppressive.

In other words, we didn’t learn anything from Tilove’s story that we didn’t already generally know except that how involved in radicalism this self-described “transplant” to Texas is.

Bus ticket gofundme page anyone?


  1. Julie Clark says

    We need to follow the money trail to the source of this Fascist Nazi (real definitions used) infection and expose them and their minions for what they are, but that’s your job.

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