Satellite shows increased carbon dioxide coming from jungles not factories

Pratt on TexasIn the second hour of Pratt on Texas today, Wednesday the 18th, we’ll be joined by our friend Robert Zimmerman, noted space historian and keeper of, to discuss not only space but a new book and politics.

From Zimmerman’s website this week we have this:

The uncertainty of science: Scientists using the Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2) have found that the bulk of carbon dioxide increase in recent years came from tropical jungles at the equator, not human activity located mostly in the northern hemisphere.

I guarantee the climate science community, dependent of government funds given based on the crisis mode of human-caused global warming, will spin this somehow to link it with human activity, but if they do they are either fooling themselves, or lying to everyone else. The models all assumed that OCO-2 would find the increase coming from the industrial regions where fossil fuels burn. That is not what they found, which means once again that the models are crap. We do not yet understand the climate.

It is Zimmerman’s refusal to let science become dogma that separates him from so many other science writers today. His confidence in freedom and capitalist free markets separate him from a much larger part of our society.

But Zimmerman gets the laugh as he so well documents the failures and waste of government programs and the growing success of private sector efforts in the most cutting-edge of all industries, getting off-planet and into orbit and space.

We will talk with Zimmerman on Wednesday’s show and I cannot recommend enough his website


  1. Just as I thought, the jungle people are the ones causing climate change. We’d probably be better off if they were driving around in old diesel pickups!

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