Texas Tech hosts plenty of Leftism. Let’s hope such didn’t contribute to a policeman’s death

There are many who naively believe that good ol’ West Texas-based Texas Tech cannot be a hotbed of social-revolutionary Leftism but the cold reality is that it is, in many ways and many places.

From an official TTU office.

For example Tech uses your tax dollars to celebrate and push the homosexual and fluid gender identity movement. This week they are having events and speakers “celebrating” deviant sexual lifestyles [1, 2, 3.] These efforts are not about inclusion or diversity but about affecting political and social change to force you to agree with and support such.

Texas Tech instituted restrictions on free political speech on campus, public property by the way, years ago. In fact, Tech law student Jason Roberts was prevented from speaking ill of homosexuality outside of a twenty-foot-wide gazebo and sued Tech way back in 2003.

A federal judge ruled against Texas Tech‘s super-restrictive policy on free speech, a policy which would have made modern Berkley proud.

There have been trends in college policing to treat students, remember these are adults on college campuses who come and go not children in public schools, differently than they would be treated off-campus.

It goes beyond the police too. For example in 2013 at UCONN, the student paper stopped a decades old practice of printing the names of those arrested on campus.

It seems all part of a soft-on-the-delicate-snowflakes policy captured in the headline of an ACLU paper from this year which read, in part, “Students Not Suspects: The Need to Reform School Policing…”

Tech faculty and staff often follow the same Leftist trends as others in academia so it will be no surprise if we learn a soft-on-suspects policy was in-place that lead to the death of Officer Floyd East, Jr.

Let’s hope the announced full outside review of Tech policing is brutally honest so that proper changes can be made and those who made bad policy are permanently removed.


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