Attacking Rush Limbaugh for what he didn’t say

Pratt on TexasThe current hubbub about Rush Limbaugh and what he said about Hurricane Irma, the media, and political agendas, is a case study in how much members of the national media lie; how ignorant of reality most of them are, and; how narrowly focused they are for source material.

Pundits and top journalists are perceived to have a wide array of sources from which they, very similar to government intelligence gathering, collect many versions of what is happening or has happened and then use such diverse information to construct a most likely to be true narrative.

But, they most often don’t do this.

Most in the major national media appear to limit their listening and reading to only those sources which confirm their world view and bias.

An example of this is how often media members come out expressing the exact same view point of a happening and more obviously often use the exact same words in their reporting. That doesn’t happen unless they are all reading the same source material and only that material.

This week prominent and lesser known members of the media have chosen to berate Rush Limbaugh over comments he made about the media and hurricanes, personal preparedness, and similar.

I heard the comments from Rush and it is clear that members of the media didn’t hear or read such because what they have claimed is neither what was said nor do their claims match the tenor of what was said.

Yes, this event is a perfect example of media only repeating each other and because they know they didn’t bother to hear the prime source material, knowingly lying to attempt to destroy someone.

What do you think?...

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