Anti-Wimp: Better aim needed, suspect returns to yell at homeowner who shot at him

The San Antonio Express-News reported: “The burglar, dressed in all black, broke into the home in the 400 block of Millwood Lane around 9:30 a.m. He entered through the garage and then forced his way into the kitchen, where he encountered the homeowner, police said.

“Sgt. Abel Balderas said the suspect tried to flee but the owner grabbed a handgun and shot at him.

“Witnesses saw the suspect running down Mertz Drive. But police say he returned to the scene shortly thereafter and got into an argument with the homeowner. He then fled once again.

“I guess he didn’t like being shot at,” Balderas said. “But he should stay out of people’s houses then. If you don’t like being shot at, stay out of houses that aren’t yours.”

“Balderas said police officers, a K9 unit and a helicopter quickly responded to the area but they were unable to locate the suspect, opening the possibility that he found refuge in someone’s home.”

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