Are Texans finally awake to Joe Straus as Democrat enabler?

Robert Pratt photo Copyright Pratt on Texas

Robert Pratt

“Not only did [Senator] Bettencourt call out House Speaker Joe Straus’ leadership team for dramatically watering down SB 1, he rightly criticized the tyrannical process Straus employed to ultimately kill it. Straus ignored motions by members, refused to allow floor amendments, rejected negotiations with the Senate, and unilaterally made the House leave their job a day early. As a result, no tax reform bill will reach the governor’s desk in 2017,” reported Ross Kecseg at the Texas Scorecard.

In the same publication on Democrat praise for Speaker Straus, Cary Cheshire reported:

“…State Rep. Donna Howard (D–Austin) has even had a wristband printed with “TGFJS” inscribed on the side, an acronym for “Thank God for Joe Straus.”

“It’s no secret that he and his allies have killed bills to protect privacy, expand educational opportunity, and shrink the size of government, and that he gaveled out the special session a day early to kill property tax reform and poke Gov. Greg Abbott in the eye.”

Funny how the whole state’s politically active are having a great awakening to what I’ve been explaining to be the case since 2009.

The primaries are upcoming and one thing your vote should depend upon for any state representative is that he ensure that the Republican Caucus will fairly choose a speaker nominee so that liberal Democrats do not unduly influence who leads our House or Representatives. We have enough liberal Republicans in that role already.

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