Rep. Jodey Arrington’s divided loyalty; Ag lobby takes notice

Agriculture interests put out word Arrington isn’t much help.

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In a major Politico story on Midland’s Mike Conaway, chairman of the U.S. House’s agriculture committee, it is asserted by ag interests in DC that neighboring freshman member Jodey Arrington  (R-TX19) not only didn’t play much of a role in brokering the key deal to make the next farm bill possible but was accused of not going “to bat for the farmers he represents.”

Politico reported “For its part, Plains Cotton Growers, based in Lubbock, Texas, was quick to praise Conaway, without mentioning Arrington, even though the trade group’s headquarters is in his district.”

“”Growers in the PCG service area are fortunate to have excellent Congressional representation, including and especially Chairman Conaway,” Johnie Reed, president of group, said in a statement the day before Conaway and [budget chairwoman] Black reached a deal,” the story read.

image: J. Arrington

Rep. Jodey Arrington

“Asked about Arrington’s role, an aide close to him told POLITICO that the congressman “has been a bridge builder, working closely with both Chairman Conaway and Chairman Black to find the best way to navigate” the country’s fiscal challenges. Arrington had been talking continuously with both committees about the need to reduce the federal deficit while also mitigating cuts to farm programs, the aide said,” Politico reported.

If you don’t understand insider DC speak, good for you but understand this: This is very harsh criticism of Lubbock’s Jodey Arrington. To put out the word that he didn’t do much of anything to push the agriculture needs of his district is a loud voice of disapproval from a lobby that backed him in the election.

The problem for Jodey Arrington has always been that he sees himself as part of the DC insider cocktail class and couldn’t wait to get back to Washington.

If your heart is in Washington, it’s loyalty divided from one’s district and history tells us that DC seems to always win.



  1. J.O. Dawdy says:

    No surprises here! Arrington was hand picked by the Lubbock and South Plains good ol boys network! He will always go along to get along with the establishment Rinos just like the professional politician he is!

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