Houston turns public safety feature into pro-homosexuality art feature

Robert Pratt photo Copyright Pratt on Texas

Robert Pratt

Advocates for living a homosexual lifestyle are excited about the new so-called “pride crosswalk” coming to Houston’s Montrose area. The crossing hatches are all rainbow colored like the flag these folk fly and a mural is painted on a traffic control box.

“The hope is that the crosswalk serves as a marker of encouragement to all Houstonians and visitors in recognizing the city as a welcoming place, open to all people, and one that celebrates its diversity, with a nod to the neighborhood’s place in Houston’s LGBT history,” Houston Pride Crosswalk Committee member Matthew Brollier said in a news release.

My question is why anyone should be celebrating anyone else’s sexual proclivities with the public right-of-way. I’m sure there are plenty of adulterers, swingers, and similar in Houston that help make the Bayou City “diverse” so when are we going to have crosswalks celebrating their sexual lifestyles?

The biggest problem with the homosexual political movement, other than its demand that everyone else agree with its adherents’ view of what is right and wrong, is this idea that chosen sexual behavior should be the defining mark of people.

If being homosexual simply means attraction to the same sex, what the hell does that have to do with everything else in life? Why is it such a segregator for people who talk so much about inclusion and diversity?

Crosswalks are government traffic items designed solely for public safety. The idea that public street features designed for safety should be turned into overtly expressive art installations which detract from the intended purpose is absurd; for any group or lifestyle.

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