Anti-Wimp: “I sure would’ve liked to have shot him, though.”

KLTV reports: “Fitch says he was in the back part of his property burning wood when he got thirsty. He hopped on his four wheeler and headed back home, and there found someone who Fitch says had rummaged through his home and was currently taking some root beer.

“I guess he was going to take it with him to drink, to celebrate,” says Fitch.

The man, according to Fitch, also took a shotgun.

Fitch says when the man left his home and walked over to one of Fitch’s trucks, he opened the door and took a rifle before moving on to another truck. That’s where Fitch met up with the alleged intruder and did something a little unconventional.

“When I drove up, he was standing here with this gun in his hand, so I drove up and told him to give me the gun,” says Fitch.

“I just put it up to his head like that, told him don’t move you know,” says Fitch.

After the ordeal, Fitch says he and the alleged intruder sat on the porch while Fitch kept an eye on the man as they waited for deputies.

“When somebody got a gun pointed at your head, you do what they say,” says Fitch.

Fitch says this isn’t the first time he was burglarized, but he hopes it’ll be the last.

“I’m tired of people stealing from me,” Fitch says, and later remarked, “I sure would’ve liked to have shot him, though,” says Fitch.”  Read the full story here.

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