Wichita Falls homosexuals not most repressed in city

Robert Pratt photo Copyright Pratt on Texas

Robert Pratt

Dear members of the so-called “LGBT community” in Wichita Falls. I read with interest in the Wichita Falls Times Record News how you are “distressed” that a bunch of local politicians will not pass a resolution to “acknowledge and affirm” you as residents of the Falls.

There seems to be much comfort in being victims of society these days so I want you to know you aren’t alone.

In fact, my “community” along with those who are not hateful toward it have been hit exceedingly hard by Wichita Falls government. The city has passed ordinances banning our lifestyle from public places like restaurants, bars, and more. It has gone so far that some employers openly say they will not hire us! Too, we are constantly degraded in the local media and government constantly tries and further stamp out our lifestyle and harass us.

I’m torn when I read of your distress at the fact that a handful of politicians won’t pass a resolution to “acknowledge and affirm” you. Why you need such is beyond me, I sure don’t need a city council to acknowledge and affirm me or anything about my life.

I would, however, like them to butt out of my private property and leave those who enjoy tobacco alone. It’s certainly not affirming to have to sneak out to back alleys to have a smoke. Maybe local smokers need a resolution of support more than do you. They certainly face more official government repression than you lot.

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