How hard will Abbott fight to get items passed in special session?

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Robert Pratt

Governor Abbott has called a special session to begin on 18 July and has created an extensive list of items for legislators to cover. Called special sessions last only thirty days and legislators don’t have to pass anything. The motivation is avoiding another special session from being called if work doesn’t get done. That brings us to Governor Abbott and what he will do.

Image: Greg Abbott

Gov. Greg Abbott

Abbott put forth a very long list of issues he wants covered but what we don’t know is how much political capital the governor will burn to see that each items is passed.

Will Abbott call special session after session until all items are passed to his liking? That’s very doubtful with such a long list which then leads to everyone trying to decide what on the list has to get done, and to the Governor’s liking, and what can be ignored or so watered down as to mean little.

Press headlines have been interesting following the call, here are some:

  • Gov. Abbott calls for sweeping special session on conservative goals
  • Austin mayor: Abbott’s call for special session is ‘a war against cities’
  • City leaders, advocates criticize Abbott for special session agenda
  • Analysis: A governor taking back the spotlight

I don’t know about a spotlight but it is clear that with calls for property tax and annexation reform as well as limits on local regulations, the state’s largest professional lobby groups, those who work for local governments, are going to be trying to kill most of Abbott’s agenda.

So, what will Abbott do if such happens? Will he keep calling specials until the job is done?

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