Lt. Gov. Patrick counters Speaker Straus, offers leadership on our behalf

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Robert Pratt

On Pratt on Texas this week I mentioned a letter Speaker of the House Joe Straus sent to the head of the Senate, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, telling him that if the Senate would pass a compromise budget and a backstop Sunset agency review, they could avoid a special session of the Legislature, barring the governor calling such.

I pointed out the extreme deficiency of Speaker Straus’ position. It is a position that most things important to Texas taxpayers, moms and dads, and political reformers are unimportant, trivial, and not worthy of lawmakers’ attention.

image: Joe Straus

Speaker Joe Straus

To Straus such major things as property tax reform, real ethics reform for elected officials; keeping the revolutionary homosexual agenda from being forced in our face and into our children’s bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, and schools, and; a host of other items which protect our freedom from government overreach and abuse are unimportant. Straus simply doesn’t give a damn about the challenges to working Texans and their families created by bad government policy which needs change and reform.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

So, I was ecstatic to see the next morning that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is having none of this disrespect of Texans. The American-Statesman called it an “ultimatum” from Patrick that he must see passage of property tax relief (which is actually reform) and limits on the sickening transgender-friendly bathroom policies “before the Senate will act on key legislation to keep some state agencies operating.”

Offering leadership for Texans, Patrick said if the House fails to pass either priority, he will press Governor Abbott to call as many special sessions as necessary to gain approval. “Whether we have a special session is now in the hands of the speaker.” said Patrick

It’s nice to have leadership willing to lead, and lead on our behalf.

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