The laughable ACLU’s Texas “travel warning”

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Robert Pratt

Oh no! The ACLU has issued a “travel alert” for the state of Texas because of SB4, the ban on sanctuary cities.

The legal group famous for defending civil liberties when it agrees with Leftwing tenets and ignoring the abuse of other civil liberties when such goes against conservatives, is apparently now in the travel alert business just like the State Department.

“Texas is a state with deep Mexican roots and home to immigrants from all walks of life. Many of us fit the racial profile that the police in Texas will use to enforce Trump’s draconian deportation force,” said Leftist-tool Lorella Praeli with the ACLU according to the American-Statesman. (By the way, her title is “director of immigration policy and campaigns” which makes clear that the ACLU is little more than a Democrat Party political campaign front group.)

Trump’s deportation force is exactly the same “deportation force” that existed under the Obama administration…

Don’t you love the language used by the ACLU? “Trump’s draconian deportation force” is particularly amusing given that Trump’s deportation force is exactly the same “deportation force” that existed under the Obama administration, which if you’ll remember, bragged that it was deporting more criminal aliens than ever before.Where was the ACLU on that one?

I also get a kick out of the phrase “Texas is a state with deep Mexican roots” and note that the ACLU’s  concern seems to ignore the millions of immigrants in Texas from other countries. Is the ACLU now a Mexican-only civil liberties group?

I’d bet Praeli would throw a conniption if she learned that the Mexican, legal resident alien in my house fully supports the ban on Sanctuary Cities.

The ACLU has long been Leftist. It has now become laughable; travel warning and all.

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