Anti-Wimp: Armed man uses phone purchase to get inside La Porte home, dies

KTRK’s Marla Carter reports: “According to the Webster family, their teenage daughter was buying a cell phone from a seller. The arrangement was made on the website Offer Up.

“The seller, Joshua Daniels, was supposed to meet them in a public place on Friday evening, police said. There were delays and the family agreed to meet Daniels at their home.

“When Daniels arrived that night, the teen girl asked if she could see the phone before handing over the money.

“The Webster family said Daniels pointed a gun at the teen’s mother’s head and dragged her by the hair. Daniels continued to demand the money.

“When the teen ran inside to get the money, Ted Webster said he saw the gun pointed at his wife’s head.

“”All I thought, our whole relationship, my future without her flashed before my eyes and I thought I cannot bear that thought. I had to do something,” he said.

“Ted Webster then tackled the suspect to the ground. He was able to get Daniels away from his wife. Then Webster and Daniels got up and Webster said he was still demanding money. So Webster said he would go get it but instead he got his gun.

“He returned to the front door where the suspect was standing. Webster said Daniels started to raise his gun and that’s when Webster said he was forced to shoot Daniels.

“”All I can remember is, I saw that hand starting to come up and I had no choice. I had to pull the trigger,” said Webster.

“Police said Daniels was shot in the stomach. He left with another suspect who was sitting in the getaway car. Soon after, Daniels was found 15 miles away at a Citgo gas station near I-10. After he arrived, police took Daniels to the hospital where he later died.”

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