AP story on UT stabbings & campus carry is manure journalism

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Robert Pratt

Many of you have sent me links to what is outright fake news about the knife attacks and murder at UT-Austin claiming that a License-to-Carry holder stopped the attacker and held him for police. That did not happen, it is fake news and does disservice to the movement.

Setting that aside, there is an even lower level of reporting on the issue which comes from Jim Vertuno of the Associated Press. The headline of his piece is a lie in and of itself: “University of Texas stabbings put campus carry law to test.”

The stabbings at UT-Austin had nothing to do with campus carry and thus didn’t have anything to do with putting the law to a test. But worse is the utterly spurious idea presented that because there was no one present with handgun to stop the attack, campus concealed carry is a failure.

That argument defies even a basic element of intellectual talent but now we descend to an even lower level of the mental scale: “Had there been firearms added to that mix, it would have been far more disastrous,” said Susan Schorn, a writing instructor at the University of Texas who has been involved in the Gun-Free UT group.”

That’s quite an assertion. Really? How so?

The AP piece is manure journalism beginning with the headline claiming a law was put to the test when the law didn’t come into play in the incident.

The idea that campus carry is a failure because no one with a gun happened to be present is akin to saying having police is a failure because a cop wasn’t present when the stabbings happened.

And the UT writing instructor’s comment? Well, that shows just how little standards for intelligence exist at modern universities for members of the faculty and staff. I find it hard to believe people still pay good money to be “educated” at these places.


  1. Just try to ping the press on the difference between “intelligence” and “counter-intelligence” and see what they say.

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