Anti-Wimp: Purse thief stopped, armed citizen helps

The San Antonio Express-News reports: “Three men saw the suspect try to steal the purse, and they began chasing him. One of the citizens was armed with a concealed handgun at the time, according to officials.

“Police said the three citizens chased the suspect all across the shopping center’s parking lot. The suspect led them to a nearby Five Guys, where a getaway car, described as a red sports car, was waiting for him.

“The citizen armed with concealed carry allegedly lifted his shirt and flashed his weapon at the driver. Apparently frightened, the driver sped off, leaving the suspect behind, police said.

“The driver saw the concealed carry and gave up the ghost,” Powers said.

“The exhausted suspect gave up the chase and was apprehended by the men.
“They ran him to death,” said Sgt. Michael Oliva. “The witnesses helped a lot. Thank the witnesses.”

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