Protestors and reporters equally ignorant on Trump’s school bathroom move

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Robert Pratt

A Listener Club member sent me a story from KENS television in San Antonio with the headline: San Antonians rally for transgender rights following Trump policy rollout.

In the story we learned that reporters and protesters are equally ignorant of what Trump did and did not do.

“Dozens of San Antonians rallied downtown on Thursday evening in opposition of President Trump’s decision to roll back protections for transgender students,” the first sentence read.

Trump did not “roll back” any protections for tranny school kids. The Obama-era order did not provide for any protections at all. It carried no weight of law and was merely a suggestion that schools cater to all of this self-selecting of sexual identity.

Trump didn’t roll back any protections, he rolled back a suggestion that local schools adopt Leftwing policies. There is a big difference.

One Korin Bradley, who it says identifies as transgender, asserted that “there has just been decision after decision against the principles of compassion, against equality.”

Equality of what? What the hell does which bathroom or locker room a person uses have to do with equality under the law?

Here’s another choice bit of stupidity: “People at the rally fear the consequences that this could have on students. “It will alienate them, isolate them, and show other students that they may not be the same,” said Robert Salcido with The Pride Center.  How’s that Salcido? The policy didn’t do anything to begin with so how does rescinding it do harm?

Ignorance, stupidity, and yes, moral depravity surrounds us.

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