Ignoring Texas Dems as poster boys for corruption

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Robert Pratt

The Texas Tribune gave a great example of how tilted political messaging can be in the press.

First, it ran a very long story about Ken Paxton and the charges against him which gives the appearance of being in-depth but in reality never explored any of the charges against him or counter charges in-depth.

While lengthy, the piece was stacked to make it appear that it is Paxton’s supporters and their unweaving of the allegations against the Attorney General that is the problem as opposed to the questionable charges leveled against him. In other words, his defense is the scandal as opposed to those who pushed the charges.

One of the writer’s key lines in the story is: “To Texas Democrats, Paxton is the poster boy for what they see as a corrupt Texas GOP that is chasing issues that appeal to only a small slice of the electorate.”

That line is a theme being posited to cement the idea of systemic GOP corruption in Texas.

The next day there were these two headlines in the same media outlet: “FBI, IRS agents raid state Sen. Carlos Uresti’s law offices” and “[Senator] Menéndez failed to report $50,000 in donations.”

Neither story mentions any “poster boy” for systematic Democrat corruption in Texas or any similar theme. If it is prima facie in these cases is that not also true with Paxton? So why carry the Dem-crafted line?

If it is prima facie in these cases is that not also true with Paxton? So why carry the Dem-crafted line?

The “Tribune investigation found that two state senators failed to report almost $60,000 in donations from two PACs. Sens. Jose Menéndez and Carlos Uresti, both San Antonio Democrats, vowed to file amended reports.”

The FBI raid on Uresti relates to a dirty saga of a failed fracking-sand company for which he did legal work and for which he solicited investments. It’s a far nastier situation than anything asserted about A.G. Paxton.

And Menéndez’ ordeal is pure political corruption as “he failed to report a combined $50,000 in donations from two groups that are considered arch enemies at the state Capitol — the Texas Trial Lawyers Association and Texans for Lawsuit Reform,” the outlet reported. He worked both sides for campaign cash and didn’t report it so that neither would know he was working with enemies.

Where is that political party corruption again, and who are its Texas poster boys?


[And here is more, take a look at the bullet list and tell me to which political party these folk belonged!]

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