Anti-Wimp: Homeowner repels invaders in Dallas

From It was the sound of a woman knocking on his door just before 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning that got Dallasite Terry Morgan out of bed.

He grabbed his shotgun and crouched in his living room where he could watch both his security monitor and the door men were trying to break open.

“I know if they get in this house, I might not live to see that sun coming up in a few hours, so immediately I thought about survival,” said Morgan.

As he watched them struggle with a crowbar, Morgan waited to fire on anything that came through the door.

After spotting the security camera, the burglars moved around the side, so Morgan went to his window for a better look.

He thinks that’s when they first heard him inside the home and opened fire. Morgan waited for the right moment to fire back.

“They’re coming like that because they don’t care, so we have to stay ready as well,” said Morgan.

Apparently, no one was hit.

Police said the suspects used a getaway car to make their escape from the home on Lea Crest Drive.

Morgan credits his surveillance system as much as his weapon for saving his life and offering the best chance of catching the criminals.

“I am happy because at the end of the day the surveillance is going to allow them to be put on the local news stations. They’re being hunted down like fugitives right now,” said Morgan.

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