Texas mosque fire, anti-Baptist bigotry & Trump policy

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Robert Pratt

Well,  this will not make the Left happy: “An imam with the Victoria Islamic Center is defending President Donald Trump’s executive order to halt refugee resettlement, saying it is about “security for the country,” reports Breitbart Texas.

“In an interview with the International Business Times, Shaid Hashmi said Trump’s recent order to halt refugees entering the country for at least 120 days was about national security, not hate towards Muslims.

“The president has chosen to restrict certain countries, he is our president,” Hashmi said. “I respect his decision, unless if it comes to the point where it will hurt innocent people, then we won’t support that.”

Hashmi’s Victoria Islamic Center caught fire and burned to the ground on 28 January which lead to the typical calls about anti-Muslim bigotry and the press used the incident to attack the Trump Administration.

Interestingly though Hashmi pointed out that there’s no evidence in the mosque fire yet and demanded it stop being called a “hate crime,” the Breitbart story reported.

Much of the large church building in which I was baptized and in which several generations of my family has worshiped burned down a few years back in Floydada.

And just so you know, national media didn’t run any stories about it or about anti-Baptist bigotry and hate – even though there were gatherings of Methodists, Roman Catholics, Assembly of God, Church of Christ and other denomination congregants suspiciously nearby!

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