Does McMurry U. have a Baylor problem?

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Robert Pratt

The Associated Press reported that “the former director of football operations at Baylor University has filed a lawsuit arguing he was unfairly named as contributing to the school’s mishandling of student sexual assault complaints.”

“Several lawsuits have been filed arising from the sexual assault scandal. One filed last week in federal court by a former Baylor student alleges she was raped by two football players and that there were dozens more assaults of women involving other players,” AP also reported.

It appears that a turn-a-blind-eye to utter evil culture existed within some at Baylor. Bad anywhere, despicable at a school founded to teach and express Christian principals.

… it is the perception of cover-up that can do terrible damage to reputations.

Baylor isn’t alone however, it appears that Abilene-based McMurry has some problems of its own as shown with this KTAB/KRBC headline: “McMurry Quarterback is Third Player Arrested in Connection to Murder.”

According to the story Broderick Earl Ross, quarterback for McMurry football, is the third player from the school’s program arrested on Capital Murder charges  related to the killing of someone in Fort Worth.

We don’t know if these players are guilty but there is allegation that one of that group may have committed burglaries on campus too as well as had other arrests as far back as Spring of 2016.

If such proves true, why was the person still enrolled? If true, why did officials countenance this type of person on their small campus?

As you’d expect, there is a severe dimming, if not blackout, in the local Abilene press on the full matter. But remember bad things happen everywhere, it is the perception of cover-up that can do terrible damage to reputations.

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