Texas House Speaker Straus never far reaching

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Robert Pratt

Among the most promising things to come out of DC last week was that a bunch of senior staff at the State Department left their top administrative posts in a huff. For decades the careerist progressives in the State Department have actively worked to undermine the foreign policy of our President when such didn’t fit their decidedly Left-leaning viewpoint. Having a few of them step aside won’t change such but it is a start.

In Austin, we have a bit of a parallel to what we are seeing in Washington. We’ve a state senate led by a lieutenant governor dedicated to major reforms in the state including fundamental changes to benefit taxpayers over local and state government officialdom.

On the west side of our Capitol, we’ve a House with many strong reform-minded Republicans who are partially stifled under the leadership of Speaker Joe Straus who owes his power to the Democrat caucus and an alliance of liberal Republicans. Straus has made it clear that he’s hesitant to do just about anything big.

Speaker Joe Straus is a consummate political insider’s insider. His goals are never far reaching; always pragmatic in the sense of preserving the power of the insiders’ status quo, and; openly dismissive of fundamental government reforms that would offer serious protection to citizens from out of control local officials.

Worse, Straus seems little interested in reforms which would seriously hamper Democrats from turning the Lone Star State into a California-style bureaucracy should they ever gain control again.

Lieutenant Governor Patrick’s vision isn’t perfect but at least he takes seriously the very real issues which confront us.

The Capitol’s east side resembles the Trump White House a bit at the moment while our House leadership resembles the established Washington insider community frightened of, and hostile to, real change in how things get done.

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