Biological sciences deniers have end-game beyond toilets and locker rooms

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Robert Pratt

“Political correctness never rears its ugly head independently. It always shows up as a series of actions designed, to this observer, to crush the souls of those blessed with common sense, ” Milo Yiannopoulos shrewdly observed when writing about PC infecting the U.S. Navy.

The truth in this statement, about attacks on common sense usually being a “series of actions” is exactly why it is inadvisable to give way to those attacking traditional moral values just because it seems easiest so to do. The often seemingly little things they ask for are rarely all they are actually after but instead, just small steps toward their from of social revolution.

We saw this with the homosexual pseudo-marriage issue in which accommodation with civil unions was not acceptable. Given the only difference is the wording used, it is clear that the point of the movement was not to give homosexuals the secular legal protections of marriage but instead to diminish traditional marriage by removing from it any moral or religious meaning.

Those biological science deniers … are being portrayed as the normal, non-radicals. It’s all a bit insane.

The so-called bathroom bill pending in the Texas legislature is getting most of the press attention. The Left, press included, is portraying those with “common sense,” to use Milo’s words, as the radicals when all those folk are doing is seeking to maintain the natural protections in-place for our entire history.

Those biological science deniers who are pushing the idea that humans can be any sex, combination thereof, or no sex just based on their inclination of the day, are being portrayed as the normal, non-radicals. It’s all a bit insane.

But Yiannopoulos is correct, political correctness, or Leftist revolution if you will, never “rears its ugly head independently” but instead, is always pushed as a small steps. Those small steps are always toward full revolution which in this case, is the destruction of all distinction of biological sex.

Toward what end you may ask? You must move to theology to answer that question.

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