Anti-Wimp: 78-year-old ends career of at least one robber

Homeowner robbed while getting morning paper

“When I laid down, I hear go, ‘Pow, pow, pow, pow’ real loud, and then I heard commotion, like voices,” one neighbor said. The shooting jolted neighbors awake,” KHOU reported.

Neighbors in the Houston neighborhood were awakened at 5:30am Monday as a 78-year-old homeowner confronted a would-be robber in the yard of his house.

KTRK reported that “the man stepped out of his home to grab his newspaper around 5:30 Monday morning when he was approached by two suspects who robbed him. The suspects tried to get away in a vehicle, but police say the homeowner pulled out his gun and shot at their truck as they were driving off.”

Houston police said that “the homeowner fired several shots at the suspect and into his pickup as he escaped. Investigators say he drove to a nearby car wash on Collingsworth and Hardy where he was found in the truck with gunshot wounds,” according to KHOU.

Neighbors told KHOU that “the homeowner owns several properties and is well-liked throughout the neighborhood.”

“I’m glad that our landlord is OK, ’cause we depend on him a lot,” said one of his tenants. “He looks out for us, he makes a lot of repairs around here, and he works very hard.”

One suspect was hit by the homeowner’s gunfire and began the eternal dirt nap while the other ran away. Police are not sure if he was shot.

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