Do Texas Democrats care about corruption?

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Robert Pratt

Ildefonso Ortiz, writing for Breitbart Texas, reports: “Two Mexican border state officials and four U.S. businessmen have pleaded guilty to demanding and receiving millions in bribes to have Mexican government planes be stored and serviced in Texas border cities.”

Others have pleaded guilty for various money laundering charges and these latest “pleas revealed that since 2006 until 2016, the businessmen had been bribing Mexican officials in order to secure various contracts to provide aircraft services,” Ortiz reported.

These bribery issues involve drug cartel corrupted former officials in the state of Tamaulipas among others and it is just a tiny snapshot of how the Mexican drug cartel corruption extends into Texas far beyond the distribution street thugs.

We’ve had sheriffs, police officers, judges and many other types including now aviation industry business people caught dealing in the drug-lord underground on the Texas side of the border. Only the ignorant or self-deceived believe the massive corruption in Mexico is somehow contained to the other side of the border.

Does the continuing discovery of high level corruption in Texas, well beyond the terrible street crime, not justify the establishment of serious border security mechanisms?

Not if you listen to most Texas Democrats in the Texas Legislature who whine about border security and spin enhanced law enforcement efforts as general attacks on those who happen to have skin of a brown tint.

A question for Texas Democrats: Are you happy with criminal corruption fueled by drug cartel money? If not, what is your real-life plan to root such out?

We’ve not heard that.


  1. Everardo Arce says:

    If one breaks the law, regardless of who it is, they should be treated as a common criminal.
    For the last 8 years, our law & order has been abused.

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