Trump & Tillerson on the world stage

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Robert Pratt

Wichita Falls native Rex Tillerson came to Lubbock in 2015 for a Boy Scout fundraiser and Kent Hance also had the ExxonMobile CEO spend time at Texas Tech’s Rawls College of Business.

In that Tech discussion, it was reported by KAMC, that Tillerson said about his business dealings around the world:

“I want them to know exactly what I’m going to do at a given time. I want to be the most predictable person in the room. I don’t want them to have to wonder. I want them to know. If they put something on the table, they can expect this kind of reaction.”

Hance told KAMC “that attitude would bode well for his role as Secretary of State.”

And it is exactly what I was telling Isabel a day before the report. That our country needs a much more predictable foreign policy, which will be up to Trump not Tillerson, and we need a Secretary of State that already has a reputation with world leaders of the best kind of diplomatic predictability: knowing that he means what he says when speaking for the USA.

Our international relations have been damaged by top officials, a president included, who are taken seriously at first and then regarded as a joke later. With Trump, and Tillerson at State’s tiller, this crew I think has started out the joke but will soon be taken very seriously.

Let’s hope the policies of the Trump White House are what’s right for peace and increased prosperity.

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