Campus life may foster ignorance and stupidity

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Robert Pratt

Sadly there seems to be little limit on the stories which demonstrate the ignorance, naiveté, and often outright stupidity of young folk on college campus these days. Take the KVUE story headlined “Texas State students sign petition to make school sanctuary campus.”

I don’t call the students stupid because they disagree with me, that comes from something else. They are naive and ignorant on their main subject however. Take the reported comment from one Ben Weiner, the petition leader, that he believes his petition is important and carries political weight. Ridiculous but he thinks his petition, with the university signing on, may convince the Trump Administration to keep Obama’s lawless DACA program for illegals in place.

The main gripe of the TSU children is that they don’t “feel safe” on campus. Weiner, a graduate assistant, adds they “legitimately don’t feel safe.”  Why do the Texas State children not feel safe? Has there been a spate of rapes, muggings, murders on campus in San Marcos? Nope, they tell us they don’t feel safe because there are others on campus expressing viewpoints which differ with their own.

These children are shamefully inadequate to well function as adults. Some like Weiner and student Taylor Jones are stupid too. They said they want TSU to be a “sanctuary campus” and so the KVUE reporter asked them about the attack at Ohio State which was carried out by a Somali immigrant refugee with permanent resident status. “Both said they trust the vetting process – both by federal and university authorities.”

That’s just stupid for a host of reason such as the university doesn’t engage in vetting such people and no one, not even the Feds have vetted someone here illegally.

I wonder though if this trust position is their stance on firearm license to carry on campus too?


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