Does Congress really want its power back?

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Robert Pratt

As we move forward to a new Federal administration and new Congress, it is important to remember our Federal system is designed to hinder government action including and especially that which is very popular with the people.

It is this institutional hindrance to quick action that slows imprudent action pushed by emotional whims of the mob. These barriers to swift federal action are the reason the Obama Administration has used leeway and executive orders within the bureaucracy, bypassing proper legislative action, to move his agenda.

A new President can turn back these actions taken outside proper channels but he cannot force Congress to act as quickly by design.

In effect, Congress gave away tons of its power to the executive branch.

And while mentioning Congress, it is the fault of the legislative branch of our federal government that a rule-making, non-elected, unaccountable administrative apparatus exists.

Progressive Leftists, aided by shortsighted moderate and liberal Republicans, created the great regulatory and administrative state purposefully to aid the march toward centralism without the hindrance of the checks and balances provided for in the Constitution. In effect, Congress gave away tons of its power to the executive branch.

It is time Congress have the guts to take such powers back. But, do legislators really want such power back?

Having it puts each one of them on a record vote on divisive issues exponentially more often than the current scheme provides. If you examine it, this partly explains why so many in Congress who weren’t of the Left have gone along with the toxic deal of delegating legislative powers to the administrative bureaucracy.

What do you think?...

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