Amusing adolescent foot-stomping over election results

Robert Pratt photo Copyright Pratt on Texas

Robert Pratt

What a week we’ve all been through!

Rather than upset I’ve been rather amused by the foot-stomping, tantrum throwing protests of the always adolescent Leftists. Mostly spoiled college children have gathered around Texas to denounce us all for not agreeing with them.

Among the more laughable parts of their childish displays has been their signs and shouts about “democracy” which demonstrate that they are indeed unclear as to what such is. And again, most of these protests were of university students at UT Austin, Texas State, University of Houston and similar.

Apparently, to them, the democratic institutions of our republic are broken because voters took decisions with which they disagree.

It’s sad these hundreds of tantrum throwers can be so obviously ignorant and yet so sure of themselves – an indictment of the radicalism of youth if ever there was such. Fortunately in actual numbers these few hundred are small minorities not just of the country’s population but of the enrollment of their schools.

In photos from the Austin protests, those at Texas State, and others around the country we see prominently displayed communist banners, Mexican, Honduran and other flags of foreign nations as well as a large number of rainbow banners celebrating homosexuality.

Here’s a hint to the crying stuck-in-adolescence who have had little teaching or experience, at home or at school, of how to deal with life when one doesn’t get one’s way: If you are going attempt to influence Americans about American elections, you might want to put a little effort into not appearing as if you are mostly advocates of sodomy or agents of foreign powers!


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