Time to turn attention from DC to Austin

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Robert Pratt

What’s done is done in the Presidential election and, for True Texans it’s time to turn our attention to the upcoming session of the Texas Legislature – where more to do with our daily liberty and life is affected than by Washington.

Yes, the Federal Government gets all the attention and there is good reason for that in many ways but it is mostly a result of the progressives’ consolidation of power in D.C. in the FDR era and then strengthened by the development of television.

Electronic media which was very expensive and most efficient at reporting from one or two places supplanted the print media which, with newspapers, was more like the modern Internet in that it was a decentralized medium.

Don’t underestimate the role that the technology limitations and costs of television played in focusing citizen attention on a single place and set of characters in Washington. TV coverage made previously little known politicians national stars on evening news broadcasts.

Don’t let D.C. and national media distract you from the game in your own backyard.

Historically and constitutionally the majority of things which affect our daily lives are state and local government issues and remain so today. What’s legal and not is mostly a state matter. For example, how and where you can use a firearm is a state and local issue; having a street and road to drive on and a license so to do is state; most business licensing and regulation is state and so are matters related to contracts from your cell phone to mortgage to insurance.

The Federal government does play a role much larger than intended by our founders but, your state legislature is still where most of the action is. Informed citizens understand this and on Pratt on Texas, I’ll cover such like no other. Don’t let D.C. and national media distract you from the game in your own backyard.

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