Pratt’s November 8 ballot recommendations

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Robert Pratt

Early voting is upon us for the November 8th election and runs from Monday, 24 October through Friday, 4 November. Here’s a look through the ballot with how I’ll cast my vote in statewide races.

At the top of the ticket, I sure don’t want Hillary Clinton as President and the only way to ensure that is to cast a vote for Donald Trump and so I will.

In the race for Texas 19th Congressional District, I’ll vote for the Republican nominee Jodey Arrington with about as much enthusiasm.

In the race for Texas Railroad Commissioner, I fully endorse Wayne Christian. Christian is solid and has battled for conservatism in the trenches for years. This explains why some quite liberal newspaper editorial boards are endorsing the Libertarian in the race; they just can’t stand outspoken conservatives who stand up to them. It’s funny that the Democrats put up such a weak candidate that their fellow media Leftists were embarrassed to endorse him!

In the Texas Supreme Court races I’ll vote for Debra Lehrman, Paul Green and Eva Guzman. And in the supreme court for criminal cases, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, I’ll vote for Mary Lou Keel, Scott Walker and Michael Keasler.

Down ballot there are some Republican Primary winners I don’t think best but in no case am I aware of a Democrat or other on the ballot who would be better so I’ll vote for the Republican. I’ll probably save time and vote a straight Republican ticket when I enter the booth.

Early voting runs from Monday the 24th through Friday the 4th.

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  1. Brent Lowrey says:


    Do you have a recommendation for the LCWCID Director, At-Large? I am supposed to vote for a candidate in that election, but I know nothing about any of the candidates.

    • Pratt on Texas says:

      On LCWCID Director, At-Large (Buffalo Springs Lake board in Lubbock Co.) I’d vote for Greg Lewis – he’s active within the Lubbock GOP. On the LCWCID Director, Precinct 2 I’ve no recommnedation – have heard from none of them.

  2. Jody Barnes says:

    On the LCWCID candidates. Greg Lewis is a great choice. District 2 features candidate John E. Keys. Mr. Keys is a dedicated public servant, working for Slaton EMS and Buffalo Springs Lake Fire Dept. volunteer. Katherine Bruegel is a principle conservative on the ballot in District 3.

  3. JAIME D GARCIA says:

    I agree with the majority of Pratt’s selection except for Trump.
    I would not vote for Trump, even if he was the only one running.

    • john howard says:

      Sorry to hear that Jaime. You do understand that by not voting for Trump you are helping Hillary, right? Hillary is a criminal that has committed heinous crime for which any regular person would spend the rest of their life in prison. She is a progressive liberal, which is just another name for Communist. Everything that comes out of her mouth is nothing but the doctrine of communism cloaked in a different name. Go study communism and you will see I am right. Do you really want to live in a COMMUNIST country? I have actually lived under communism and I can tell you right now, I am shaking in my boots at the though of Hillary as president.

      Listen, don’t vote for Trump because you like him, vote for him to stop Hillary. Trump has no support form either side and will at best be a Lame Duck president that can’t do anything. At worst he will get impeached and then Pence will be president. That right their might not be a bad end game; elect Trump to get Pence. Think about it.

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