Quorum: Nothing to see here (ignore the 1700 mystery votes)

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Robert Pratt

A story in the Left-wing Austin gossip rag Quorum Report shows just how overtly some are willing to twist things to obscure troubling matters. Scott Braddock wrote a piece headlined: Hill County officials reject allegations of voter fraud and welcome AG review.

It went on to read: “Outgoing elections official says AG investigator dismissed notion of voter fraud; the activist pushing allegations of voter fraud in Byron Cook’s House District is business partners with a major contributor to his failed primary challenger Thomas McNutt.”

Get it, the allegations have no merit because the one who noticed problems was an associate of the backer of the challenger to the incumbent Straus lieutenant Byron “Obama” Cook.

The story began: “Elections officials in Hill County say they welcome a review by the Office of the Attorney General into voting irregularities that were reported in the March primary. Hill County is part of the Texas House district represented by State Affairs Committee Chairman Byron Cook, R-Corsicana. Cook narrowly defeated GOP challenger Thomas McNutt in March in a hotly contested high-profile race, so the discrepancy has drawn some statewide attention.”

As many as about 1,700 votes were unaccounted for due to some sort of error that has yet to be sufficiently explained by Election Systems and Software…

It also included this: “Outgoing County Elections Administrator Pasty Damschen said she’s turned over documents and a flash drive to the AG’s office and visited with an investigator. Damschen told the panel that the investigator said “’from your answers, I see that this was not voter fraud.’”

So it’s all a big nothing; a nasty race in which the incumbent won by only 225 votes out of over twenty-eight thousand! The story sandwiched the most telling line between the it’s-nothing paragraphs: “As many as about 1,700 votes were unaccounted for due to some sort of error that has yet to be sufficiently explained by Election Systems and Software, the vendor that supplies Hill County’s voting machines.”

So one thousand and seven hundred mystery votes still exist but we can confidently claim no fraud; preposterous!

UPDATE: Report on Hill County Election Released


  1. John Herbster says:

    Should we prosecute and punish Rose Bell who illegally voted multiple times during early voting in Hill County, Texas like a common criminal?

    Should we prosecute and punish Hillary Clinton who violated espionage laws many times to conceal her selling of government influence for hundreds of millions of dollars, like other people who violated the same laws.

    Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby were sent to prison just for lying, and Denesh d’Souza, just for giving an illegal campaign contribution.

    Should We Have Equal Justice for All? (It is difficult!)

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