Disinterested arrogance of overpaid higher education officials

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Robert Pratt

The San Antonio Express-News reported that Alamo Community Colleges’ Chancellor Bruce Leslie has cost the school private donations by his behavior at a graduation ceremony.

“At a May 21 graduation ceremony, Leslie was on his phone for at least 40 minutes during the proceedings… At the time, photos showed Leslie on his phone while he was sitting on stage with graduating students walking by him,” the paper reported.

Leslie is the 11th highest paid educator in Texas. He is reported to make even more than the chancellor of UCLA!

Here we have a Texas higher education bureaucrat all dressed up in graduation regalia sitting on the stage as parents look on and he couldn’t even feign interest in the proceedings. He spent most of the event texting or reading news – anything but paying attention to the graduates or their parents who in many cases sacrificed much to put a child through the school.

Leslie is, according to Watchdog.org in a 2015 story, “the 11th highest paid educator in Texas.” He is reported to make even more than the chancellor of UCLA!

Apparently Dr. Leslie apologized for his actions at the graduation ceremony in an op-ed in the Express-News. “I do own it, it was inconsiderate, and I apologize for being disrespectful. Saying anything more would appear to be a rationalization or justification, which is not my intent,” he wrote.

That’s easy to say but we’d all far more impressed if he’d cough about a quarter of this year’s salary for the Alamo Colleges Foundation since his boorish behavior cost it donations.


  1. Or refund it to the parents and or others who pay it.

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