2nd Amendment is about all most anti-gun advocates get right

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Robert Pratt

Impressive Antonia Okafor, who serves as southwest regional director for Students for Concealed Carry, penned a column about campus carry and in it she pointed out just how ridiculous opponents of campus carry have been.

Okafor wrote: “During the fall of 2015, the group Gun Free UT testified at campus forums that campus carry has been proven to lead to an increase in sexual assaults and that — despite the fact that the new law won’t change who can own a gun or possess a gun in a car parked on campus — it will greatly increase the risk of student suicides.”image: Students for Concealed Carry

“Then the university’s working group issued a report stating: “We found that the evidence does not support the claim that a causal link exists between campus carry and an increased rate of sexual assault. We found no evidence that campus carry has caused an increase in suicide rates on campuses in other states,” Okafor reported.

We’re are used to unsupported assertions from anti-gun advocates and this was an example of something a group of academics was willing to simply make-up that was so far off base that other academics, mostly anti-gun themselves, had to go out of their way to refute.

We’re are used to unsupported assertions from anti-gun advocates…

We often hear, cited in support of more restrictions on guns, the issue of suicide. If you look at a world ranking of suicide rates by country you find places with extremely strict gun control and even outright gun prohibitions such as Japan and France near top of the suicide rate list as opposed to the bottom.

About the only claim gun control advocates get right is that the Second Amendment stands in their way.


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