Listener: “Pratt, I need your help!” in TX19

Pratt, I need your help!  I’ve been listening to the show, and the line is busy.

I was very impressed with Bob Starr up to this point, specifically because of his strong pro-life position.  He volunteered that he opposed abortion including in cases of rape and incest because life begins at conception.  This doesn’t sound like someone playing the political game, and I’m not sure how to reconcile this with his active participation in gay pride events at Dyess.  My dad was career Navy, and I know the military has become very heavy-handed on all this gay, trans, etc. stuff and outright hostile to Christianity.

I listened to your show yesterday, and it sounded like Glen Robertson was a top choice for you.  Do you know if Glen Robertson takes as strong of a stance on pro-life as Starr?  I’m not pushing for one candidate or the other.  I’m trying to make the right decision and pro-life is very important to me.  Please help me!!!

Thanks so much, I love your show!!!

Pratt responds:

I’ve not made an endorsement in the race. Both Robertson and Starr were my top choices but we’ll see. There are no harder questions to ask Robertson at this point because there has been no scandal-like issue reported in the press as there was with Starr – same with all the other candidates. You can’t press them on something that is problematic if no such issue has emerged.


  1. Greg Garrett is the strongest pro life candidate in the race.

  2. Dora Watkins says:

    Colonel Starr seemed to be blaming a vast right wing conspiracy for disclosing to voters that he ran in the LGBT run while wearing a rainbow T shirt and rainbow socks.

  3. The one hard question I would ask Robertson (may have already been addressed) is exactly who he will take with him to DC to staff his office or will he take the easy way out and hire the career bureaucrats already there? I think staffing of a representative’s and Senator’s office ought to follow the “Pharaoh rule” where when the Pharaoh “departed” he took all of his closest servants with him into the hereafter (they were buried with him). Likewise all staffers should have to leave DC when their guy is done, never to return and never allowed to be a staffer for any other politician. This would be much more effective than term limits since it is primarily the career staffers in DC who run things

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