ATS Returns To Court To Block Anti-Camera Vote

Traffic camera company tells Texas Court of Appeals that Cleveland residents must not be allowed to vote on red light cameras.

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) was back in court Thursday to persuade a Texas Court of Appeals panel that the public should not be allowed to decide whether their community uses red light cameras. The company successfully used the courts to block a referendum effort from reaching the ballot in Cleveland, even though camera opponents had a properly certified charter amendment proposal that the city council voted to put on the May 10, 2014 ballot.

ATS lawyer Andy Taylor had convinced Liberty County Judge Carroll Wilborn Jr to pull the measure (view case). Taylor repeated his argument to the appellate judges, insisting that state law prohibits any effort to ban cameras because state lawmakers gave only the city council the power to implement a camera program…

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  1. Pratt on Texas says:

    A scumbag argument if I’ve ever heard one – and I’ve heard many!

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