Texas Appeals Court Upholds Public Right To Ban Red Light Cameras

Texas Appeals Court decision eliminates pre-election and post-election challenges to public votes banning red light cameras.

Red light camera companies will now find it much more difficult to block public votes over automated enforcement in Texas. The state Court of Appeals on Thursday struck down the last-ditch effort of American Traffic Solutions (ATS) to save Arlington’s traffic camera program after sixty percent of voters opted at the ballot box to send the Arizona-based company packing. ATS initially filed a lawsuit to block the referendum from ever happening using the name of resident Jody Weiderman as plaintiff.

ATS lawyer Andy Taylor explained during oral arguments that the suit had to be filed in Weiderman’s name because a photo ticketing company lacks standing to block an election from taking place.

“ATS is not a voter,” Taylor explained. “ATS is not a resident. ATS couldn’t file a lawsuit pre-election — a citizen is the only one that can file a lawsuit pre-election.” …

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