Listener: History repeating with Trump?


It seems to me running for the Whitehouse is more about putting on a good show then about the record of the candidate. Something more like a popularity contest then electing the leader of a world power.

I was very excited when I heard Ted Cruz was running for president. Then Trump enters and the spotlight is all on him. Trump puts on a good show but seems to me the he is pulling the same kind of supporters that Obama had when he ran. When I expressed concern about Trump childish and arrogant attitude. I was called an ***hole by a trump supporter. I then told him I would expect no less from someone who loves Trump.

I’ve thought for a while that the Trump campaign and his supporters reminded me Obamas. From the name calling, putting on a good, to his attitude and clever slogans like hope and change and making America great again.

It really saddens me to see the way people are easily lead by a good showman and less by intellect. Thank you for voicing something I’ve felt for quite some time about the way history is repeating itself.

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  1. Pratt on Texas says:

    It shall be interesting to watch. I’m not necessarily anti-Trump but I do observe many of the things you have noticed. I’ve always been repelled by cult of personality as historically it doesn’t end well. Deep respect should be earned not simply given one due to celebrity or other status.

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