Senator Charles Perry on UT Admissions Scandal Report

image: Charles Perry

Sen. Charles Perry

Via press release

LUBBOCK, TX – An independent investigation conducted by Kroll Associates Inc. produced disturbing information regarding preferential treatment in the admissions process at The University of Texas at Austin.

UT Regent Wallace Hall had previously raised concerns of foul play and was subsequently censured by the House Select Committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations. As a Representative, Perry was the lone no vote on the censure.

Senator Charles Perry made the following statement about the release of the Kroll Report:

While his techniques may have been unorthodox, Wallace Hall should be applauded for raising concerns about the UT admissions process. From what has been released of this report, Hall has been vindicated and I am glad to have stood by him.

The admissions process should be neutral and determined by merit. Giving preferential treatment to candidates with special connections is wrong and undermines the integrity of the entire admissions process.

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