Pete Laney disappoints with “ambulance chaser” style solicitation


I got a solicitation letter from the “Law Offices of Pete Laney” inviting me to a “Town Hall meeting RE Syngenta Corn”.

According to the author of the letter, “Syngents Seeds, Inc. has recently taken actions that have reportedly negatively affected corn prices across the nation”

They claim Syngenta “rushed to commercialize Agrisure Viptera GMO corn…”

“In November 2013, China began enforcing a zero tolerance policy for the presence of Viptera in US corn supplies, specifically gee MIR 162.  This action resulted in a series of trade disruptions that effectively shut US corn farmers out of China’s rapidly growing grain market…”

I’m unsure of the dates, but I believe China’s action rejecting US corn coincided with the arrest of a few of their top scientist who were caught stealing and attempting to smuggle corn hybrids in development out of the US.

Admittedly I know little about Laney, but this “ambulance chaser” style of solicitation for class action disappoints me.

If the insane enviro-Nazis don’t shut down crop innovation, it looks like the hometown boys are willing and able to make a run at it.   The meeting is 6, Jan.  If it is convenient I may attend just to hear their case.  Frankly I don’t believe they have one.

I thought you might be able to shed some light on this topic.

Thanks for your ongoing interest in ag matters,

D. P.
Hart, Tx

Pratt adds:

Here is a link to a story: Bailey County Farmer Sues Global Corporation Over Modified Corn

My thoughts are that everything, even rumor, affects commodities markets. Case seems like a big hurdle to jump. Maybe the idea is to get the firm to settle, which will be a big paycheck for the lawyers and some dust for the class-action members, which is often the whole idea behind such cases.

What do you think?...

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