Climate buffoonery


The IPCC’s 2005 prediction that showed up in their summary for policymakers of 50 million “climate refugees” by 2010 should have been enough for the IPCC to lose all credibility. (What could go wrong with telling politicians they were going to have to deal with 50 million “climate refugees”?) But of course there is not much TV media holding anyone accountable for such buffoonery. More voters should know about those absurd credibility-destroying missed eschatological predictions.

So it’s good to see that the populace has more sense than they are given credit for by the central planner-types. I wonder how many moneyed people invested in carbon credits and other such illusory investment vehicles on the basis of end-of-the-earth-as-we-know-it scenarios.

Pure politics must be the reason that even the Texas State Water Development Board continues to cite the IPCC regarding the hot dry Texas drought they said we are supposed to be having during all this record cold and wet.   My soil moisture is about three feet and a producer north of me reports soil moisture down to at least four feet.  The drought is over.

Texas would spend a lot less money getting weather/climate predictions beyond four to six months by paying a soothsayer, tea leaf reader or Tarot Card reader on an as-needed basis.



  1. Tracy Lott says:

    Media will hide this information at all cost.

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