What matters in a Railroad Commission candidate?

Among the more interesting statewide Republican Primary races for 2014 is that for the Texas Railroad Commission. Often used as a step to other statewide office, the commission which regulates our booming oil and gas industry is important to the health of the Texas economy. Too anti-industry and you hurt mankind by restricting plentiful energy; too lax and you can allow happenings which give the radicals a boost in their constant desire to shut down the oil & gas business and impose a suffocating regulatory state.

In the GOP race we have a strong proven conservative former state rep. in Wayne Christian; a geologist and active conservative in Becky Berger; businessman, lawyer and oil and gas investment broker Malachi Boyuls who once worked for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, and; mechanical engineer Ryan Sitton who has built a major oil & gas engineering and technology firm after graduating from Texas A&M.

All of these candidates are strong and lead us to ask certain questions in trying to choose a person for whom to vote. What’s most important as a Railroad Commissioner? Is being a proven small-government conservative more important than industry-specific knowledge and experience? Does being an expert in the business ensure a conservative and limited-government approach to the office? Should we consider the stepping-stone nature of the office and look for candidate assets beyond those needed at the Railroad Commission?

Of the four candidates, three have appeared on Pratt on Texas and have impressed. Be listening as I’ll have them on again soon for your consideration.

Wayne Christian

Wayne Christian

image: Becky Berger

Becky Berger

image: Malachi Boyuls

Malachi Boyuls

image: Ryan Sitton

Ryan Sitton

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