Texas press salivates over Davis, calls Medina a maverick


Wendy Davis

Another example of how members of the media in Texas show their liberal bent is easily demonstrated with their daily focus on Wendy Davis and whether or not she’ll run for governor. Friday had a story which the headline alone would embarrass any straight news editor: “Imagining Wendy Davis’ First Week on the Campaign Trail”. The story was penned by Ben Philpott at the Texas Tribune and was all about “How she might begin her campaign in a state that hasn’t elected a Democrat statewide in decades?”

I happen to well remember when Bill Clements won statewide – the first for a Republican since the 19th Century but I doubt very seriously that we were treated to daily stories salivating over whether or not the oilman might run. We certainly didn’t have stories fantasizing about what his first week on the campaign trail would be!


Debra Medina

So the press clearly roots for Democrats but what do its members do for the other side? When given the chance, they attempt to downplay legitimate conservatives as extremists and yet build up outside-the-conservative-orbit disrupters like Debra Medina to play havoc in GOP primaries. The same Texas Tribune issue has a story on Medina headlined: “A Maverick Tries to Stay in the Picture.” Medina, like John McCain, is no maverick but more of a populist self-prom oter.

Medina’s one of these people for whom even stalwart proven conservative champions are fakes. She comes from the small group of folk who believe they are the only true conservatives and, just as the radical Left, anyone who challenges them or asks hard questions must be enemies of all that is good and right – no matter their credentials. We well exposed Medina in an interview on Pratt on Texas in January of 2010 where she demonstrated the assertions about her I’ve just repeated.


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