2010 Flashback: Debra Medina refuses support of GOP ticket

The Texas Tribune has a story today on Debra Medina which reminded me of an interview I did with her on Pratt on Texas in January of 2010:

From Pratt on Texas, Thursday, 21 January 2010
Medina refuses support of GOP ticket, suggests third-party activity

LUBBOCK – Candidate for the Republican nomination for Texas governor Debra Medina, in a Thursday appearance on radio show Pratt on Texas, refused to commit to support the Republican nominee for Texas governor if she is not the Party’s nominee. Medina hinted at there being other candidates on the November ballot she might support.

Pratt on Texas host Robert Pratt asked Ms. Medina, the former Wharton County chairwoman, “If you run through this election and are not the nominee of the Republican Party, will you wholeheartedly endorse and support the Party’s nominee or is there some threat of some type of outside movement there?”

“I think it’s premature to be talking about that,” replied Medina.

“So in other words, even though we do know that the nominee will be one of three people, Rick Perry, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, or yourself, you’re not willing to go on the record saying that if you’re not the nominee you would support the Party’s ticket?,” Pratt asked.

“Absolutely not,” Medina said.

“Surely you understand that there may be other candidates besides a Republican and a Democrat on the ballot come next November,” she added later.

“Ms. Medina wants Republican voters to trust her with their vote but, she isn’t willing to trust the judgment of those same voters if they should nominate someone other than her,” Pratt told his audience after the interview.


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