Federal “poverty” figure another sign of Texas economic health

It’s been a bit funny to read the comments of the leftwing governor of Maryland as he lashes out against Governor Rick Perry having the gall to come to the state, which has as its motto, and I kid you not, “Manly Deeds, Womanly Words” in Latin of course, and point out to businesses that Texas is a more commerce-friendly state.

Earlier this week Maryland’s top-liberal did as all these dummies do and made a big deal of how median income in the state is higher than in Texas. Currently the Texas median household income is just shy of fifty-one thousand annually but, in Maryland it’s just over seventy-one thousand. That sounds real nice for the crab cake eaters until one realizes that their tax burden is much greater than Texas but even more importantly, it costs much, much more to live there.

I’m hoping that popular real estate shows such as those on HGTV have corrected an ignorance many people have long had about cost of living differences. In my city, you can buy a house today in the finest upscale neighborhood for what an 80 year-old wreck of a tiny house on three floors, connected on both sides to other houses, costs in Maryland. The cost of living differences are much greater than the differences in median income.

And for all his bragging, the Mary-land governor can’t account for the fact that Texas is one of only two states in which the so-called Federal “poverty” rate has fallen from 2011 to 2012. That fact was released by the Census Bureau this week. The poverty figures are largely bogus to begin with but as a fixed measure it is one of hundreds of metrics showing Texas economically out performing Maryland and most every state in the union.

Maryland’s governor has a problem with Rick Perry’s Manly Deeds. I wonder how he does with Womanly Words.

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