What’s with Texas Monthly’s Paul Burka and race?

What is it with white liberal males and race and ethnicity? It seems that folk such as Texas Monthly’s chief liberal Paul Burka cannot look at candidates for political office in the way a normal person does.

Most Republicans for example, want to know how conservative a candidate is; what his record in office is, and; what qualifications for the office sought he has. But not media libs like Paul Burka. Nope, all he sees is sex and skin color demonstrating once again that it’s the Left which focuses on race and ethnicity over substantive issues.

Burka’s latest piece, “The White Republican Ticket”, laments “The Republican ballot for the spring primaries is shaping up as one that is overwhelmingly white, male and, aside from Greg Abbott at the top of the ticket, largely unknown to most Texans.” He grudging admits, months before the filing deadline, that female black state rep. Stefani Carter is running for Railroad Commissioner along with another female Becky Berger and that Hispanic George P. Bush is running for Land Commissioner. And as an afterthought he lists a woman, Ona Marie Hendricks, of whom I’ve not heard, as a candidate for Ag. Commissioner.

So Burka writes a column about the GOP primary being all white and mostly male but then, doesn’t even realize that he’s listed more candidates for statewide office who are minorities, women, or both, than his Democrat party has put forward regardless of race, sex or ethnicity.

It seems to me that your mind must work as a bigot’s in order to see little but race and sex when talking about candidates for office.


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