Is objection to homosexuality “hate”?

Can legitimate debate be had over the issue of homosexuality or, more specifically, about the promotion of homosexuality as not only normal but somehow desirable in society? I’m not sure such is possible as proponents of forcing others to adopt a pro-homosexuality agenda characterize most any objection as “hate.”

Take comments following a Dallas Morning News report on Big-D’s so-called “Gay Pride event.”  The lead photo on the website is of a toddler in a red wagon holding a rainbow flag. Aside from the paper’s attempt to make the event celebrating relationships which cannot produce children as innocent and acceptable, there is the natural objection by many to using a child to symbolize the practice of sexuality – homo- or heterosexual in nature.

Where was “hate” in the comment that homosexuality is not about kids.

One commenter posted this one line: “Homosexuality is not about kids.” And as a direct reply to that simple post came a lengthy bit about how many kids are homosexual and ended with “Leave your gay hate at the door.”

Where was “hate” in the comment that homosexuality is not about kids. Where is the hate in that simple statement which I would take to mean that it’s not appropriate to sexualize children? The activist didn’t seem to be able to differentiate between toddlers and those post puberty where sexuality does become an issue but, the automatic labeling any other point of view as being “hate”, is most objectionable.

This type of rhetoric makes any mature conversation about the issue difficult; we see the same in discussions involving race and ethnicity. If the Left really wants to solve problems they loudly wail about, its adherents might start by intellectually growing up.

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