What troubles us in DC starts at home

Examples of my theme that the loss of our country we so easily see in D.C. really starts at home in our own towns and is permitted by us are easy to find.

Julian Castro, San Antonio's leftwing mayor

Julian Castro, San Antonio’s left-wing mayor

In San Antonio’s Fiesta parade, Rey Feo, or king ugly, was removed during the parade for throwing candy to the crowd, that’s against the city’s ordinances but, ultra-leftist Julian Castro, the mayor, was doing the same but faced no sanction or criticism – he’s of the ruling class.

Another example comes from Lubbock this week and is from Latrelle Joy, a Lubbock city council member.

In defending getting free tickets to a Tech football game and seating in the Tech chancellor’s box along with all the free food provided, etc., she was quoted by KJTV Fox 34 as saying: “You know, they don’t just invite city council, they invite city [sic] commissioners, and state officials and other people. It’s more of a goodwill type of thing. I think reasonable minds will probably understand about going to the game. I think it’s much ado about nothing again, trying to create some controversy when we really need to be doing the job we were elected to do.”

Latrelle Joy, Lubbock city councilwoman

Latrelle Joy, Lubbock city councilwoman

One wonders if the councilwoman would deem as “goodwill” being given, by others with business before the council, gift cards, free lawn care, cash, or other of goods and services.

Joy’s self-justification is how all deep corruption begins and, when local elected officials see being given perks of considerable financial value as being no big deal and just “a goodwill type of thing”, how are our communities any different than D.C.?


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P.S. A Listener Club member sent this during the show: “My father was involved in city and county government at the executive level, including here in Lubbock! At Christmas he was always being sent these nice baskets of treats. He would send them all back.”  Do you think folk today send anything back? Latrelle seems to think it’s all just “goodwill” and acceptable. I wonder if she’s ever considered that a bribe is purposely to buy “goodwill”.

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