Obsession with Capitol incident shows bias of Texas press corps

One of the strangest things has been playing out in the Texas Capitol press corps ever since the July 12th Senate debate after which a new Texas law was passed to ban late-term abortions. The odd saga has been an utter fixation of a phalanx of columnists, reporters and media outlets.

You may remember that the debate featured much tighter Capitol security following the madhouse debacle that Lt. Governor Dewhurst didn’t effectively shut down on the day of Wendy Davis’ filibuster of the bill to protect the lives of Texas babies.

During Pratt on Texas I reported to you, from an official DPS press release, that the radical mob had attempted to smuggle jars of urine and feces into the Senate Gallery. And since that time, a rather large part of the press corps has been fixated on how this couldn’t be true. They’ve filed records requests and challenged the DPS to prove that such happened.

This week the AP filed a correction on their wire stating “The Associated Press reported erroneously that a DPS statement issued July 12 said containers of the specimens were seized. The July DPS statement said the specimens were discovered, not confiscated.” And this was always the case.

DPS simply turned people away who were suspected of carrying such disgusting items but, the press corps, who will believe anything said about conservatives with little questioning and no evidence, has been on an all out offensive to prove their radical liberal nut friends didn’t attempt to do what DPS officers witnessed. It’s fine to question DPS claims but the press never got the claims right, as evidenced by the AP correction, all its members did was attempt to intervene in the story to support their fellow liberals. Unprofessional but not surprising.

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